When starting on an elimination diet for treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis, finding a good option for a milk that is not made from cow’s milk can be difficult. You or your child may be very picky and have specific taste preferences which can make it difficult to switch over to another milk.

If you are used to the taste of cow’s milk, then other milk will taste different. The same thing happens if you have only been drinking soy milk all your life – if you take a sip of cow’s milk it would taste strange to you. So when you are trying out different milk alternatives, you shouldn’t expect to find one that tastes just like cow’s milk, but one that has a taste you like or at least can get used to.

Another problem with milk alternatives, is that many do not provide the same nutrition. Most commonly, many commercial brands of milk alternatives – rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc – have very little protein. As a comparison, cow’s milk and soy milk have about 8 gm per cup, but other milks can have as little as 1 gm per cup. Now if you have a varied diet with lots of sources of protein, then it may not matter as much to you. But if you have a child who is very picky, but drinks a few cups of cow’s milk every day, then it may become a bigger issue.

Now here are some milk alternative suggestions. Some may not fit into your diet due to your allergies, others you may not like the taste, and others may not provide the nutrition you are looking for. But hopefully this list can help find one that may just work fo you.

Please note labels can change, and some may be made in facilities with other allergens. So always check the ingredient and packaging labels yourself to make sure they are appropriate for you. If unsure if an option is appropriate for you, please consult with your physician or dietitian.

If you have any comments or other product suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Now onto the list!

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